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I want out, trying..

Hello, well here i am again trying to sing something, i know it's very bad but i don't know why :neutral:


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 13,905Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    edited November 15
    Some of this sounds pretty good, and other places sound out of tune. I'm not familiar with the song to say where you may be off, specifically. The level of the music is so low, that your voice stands out and doesn't sit well in the mix. You could break this song down into chunks and work on it line-by-line and make improvements. But as a long song with a number of issues in it, that could take a while to identify each incorrect note and what to do about it. That's why we work on scales first, to make sure your pitch is rock-solid, and then we work on songs a line or a verse at a time to get all of the details worked on, one at a time.

    Your support needs some work, as well, and you should work on getting your head voice work to match up better volume and tone-wise, with your chest voice.

    I do recommend that you find a way to balance your vocal volume in with a better quality version of the music so that we can take bad audio quality out of the equation in songs.
  • WalterMeloWalterMelo Posts: 71Member, 2.0 PRO, STREAMING PRO
    edited November 15
    Bob! thank you very much, knowing that some parts of the was actually good means so much to me, last year even the verses was kinda strange, i can feel that i'm more closer bo be a singer now, i'm still not a good one but at least i taken one step above this year and i'm very grateful :smile: thank you very much

    this is the song i tried

    by the way i feel completely out of support pretty much on the chorus, i'ts kinda hard to me to differentiate chest, mix, and head on other singers (i can feel it inside myself a little bit) so i try to sing more "chesty" than i could do, and my voice un-avoidably cracks everytime i try to sing with more "attitude", well, that's it
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 13,905Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    edited November 25
    OK. Yes, this song is going to take a ton of support, especially in the chorus, and you will be belting quite a bit if you do it like the original.

    Don't let that discourage you. This is no easy song. It's good to work on easier songs, to build good techniques as you grow your voice, but no harm in aiming for tough goals, as long as you don't beat yourself up for not already being at the level of Helloween.
  • Michael4000Michael4000 Posts: 276STREAMING PRO
    edited November 17
    @WalterMelo I thought your high note from 4:14-4:20 sounded very professional, and the vibrato was excellent. There are definitely some issues with support and pitch as Bob mentioned. I can totally relate to your feeling of "I don't know what's bad about my singing, but something (or things) just don't sound right." I agree with @highmtn about breaking it down into chunks. Fixing all the issues in an entire song is so overwhelming. I was planning on posting a song soon, but I've decided that I will just post a short part of the song, for this very reason.
  • WalterMeloWalterMelo Posts: 71Member, 2.0 PRO, STREAMING PRO
    edited November 30
    @highmtn and @Michael4000 thank you very much for the support :smiley: i'm very happy about the results i'm getting so far these songs that i love and dreamed to sing gone from impossible to actually possible with more dedication and effort, i'm very grateful
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 13,905Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    You will find that on your CHALLENGE songs, or your GOAL songs (the tough ones) that your results will be much better if you take all the time in the world on each line to get it right. Figure out the notes. The length of the notes. The vowels. Take the hard parts and work them out without consonants on AH, then on the vowels, then with only minimal consonants.

    Don't rush ahead to the next line if the one you're still on isn't as perfect as you can make it. It might take you a month to get through your first song, but if you do it right, it will be SO much better than if you just slap it together in haste to move on to the next half-baked song. You want your songs to be fully baked to perfection. THAT's where greater satisfaction with your singing will take place.

    You will also find that once you really "get it" by doing this process, that your brain figures out what you just did, and you'll eventually be able to do new songs with this kind of effect on the first try. If it's a tougher song, then you may have to fully break it down, but you LEARN the process of contiguous vowel singing, and it becomes the natural way for you to approach singing songs, and you will sound much more like a "real" singer. A PRO. Because you won't be singing choppy, staccatto, pinch-and-squeeze attempts any more. You will just open your mouth and SING, implementing these principles.

    You'll begin to instinctively allow vowels to modify when they should. You won't have to map out every song. But you should, at first, so you really get the hang of transforming "song-singing" into actually applying these bel canto methods and Ken's secret sauce to all of your singing.
  • WalterMeloWalterMelo Posts: 71Member, 2.0 PRO, STREAMING PRO
    thank you very much for the advice :blush:
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