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backs vocals Dark side of the moon and so on Pink Floyd

hello everybody :)

I m sorry for my bad English I hope you understand what I a m telling about.
i m beginning a collaboration as back vocal singer with a band who makes cover of Pink Floyd :full album of Dark side of the moon and also the song : Shine on you crazy diamonds.
I have to sing the melody of the backs vocals (we should be two o three woman to sing the chords but for the moment I sing alone) and il need help because it s not always easy to understand the melody only by listening complete song with all the instruments and lead vocals mixed together. I m looking for tunes with isolated vocals and didn't find one on youtube (for example) which was useful. And I m not sure to find a partition where backs vocals are written. Have anybody an idea how to do ? I try to listen many times the tunes and il will try to reproduce notes with a keyboard first, but the chords sing often in harmony so it s no easy and may be it exist a better way. Thank s a lot for your help.


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