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My Very First Beegees Attempt

victortangvictortang Posts: 3422.0 PRO
I wanna post this to say one thing - KTVA is ridiculously fantastic! I mean, without even knowing it, I now feel confident to sing a beegees song. Not really presentable at a professional level (yet) but I am utterly amazed that I can even attempt to do this! You have to remember that when beegees came out in the early 80s, I was a teenager. And of course I tried to sing that silly falsetto style and failed BADLY. i mean, i COULD NOT even come close to sounding like that! Forget it! But now, after less than 3 months of intense daily (except for 2 days of about 70 days) training, I suddenly had that...that Beegee thing. What is going on inside my neck and mouth!??!!! This is so so SO fun! I feel like I am a saxophonist who owned an average saxophone and has now swapped it for a better one. (I am not saying i am good, but rather to say that I am better than what i was, that's all. And I have tried EVERYTHING to improve, or so I thought till now. Hahaha.....


  • @victortang I can't contribute much here because I haven't reached the head voice portion yet, but this one was just OK for me.

    It seemed like you were losing your support in spots where you needed to sustain notes.
    You do move around a lot so I'm not sure if that would be the sole cause, but I think it does contribute, especially singing in a higher register where you need to really bear down on the support, and pare the sound down.

    That's all I can give you.

    Peace, Tony
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 3422.0 PRO
    Good morning Tony! It's 7+am here in Melbourne. Thanks for responding! Love your enthusiasm! Without it, Life is weak.

    hahaha....This was done for a joke. .......alot of the movements were actually done to move away from the microphone/iphone to control the loudness of certain notes. (That's my Manual Compressions!) I do it almost instinctively. I was also clowning around. :-)

    Like I said, the point of sharing this is to say how the vocal exercises has allowed me to actually have the confidence to tackle a song that was previously out of the question.

    Like yourself, I have not done the head voice lessons yet. I did run through the videos though. Head voice training is not new to me. Remembering that I have had over 10 years of training with other teachers. But did those lessons work? :neutral:

    Actually, when in falsetto/head voice, much less air is required to sustain a note. As Ken has said in one of his lessons, it is (generally) actually the lower notes that require more air and thus support, NOT the higher long notes.

    The average man has about 3-5 litres of vital lung capacity - more than enough for very long notes. I know for a fact that I have sustained a chest voice G4 for 45 seconds. As opposed to what you thought, sustaining was no issue at all, it was probably a lack of taste on my part (in the way i interpreted the song).
  • G'day.

    Critiquing has become part of my learning process here. Trust me, I have no doubts in your abilities.
    It helps me to figure things out looking for mistakes whether I'm watching myself or somebody else.

    When I was active in the television industry (advertising) I was a shooter/editor, and I couldn't go to the movies or watch tv the same anymore. I was watching for camera angles, how many camera cuts, lighting, etc.........

    So when I point things out, it's just as much for my education as it is who I'm critiquing.

    Peace, Tony
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 3422.0 PRO
    edited December 2018
    Glad to be of assistance to your education!

    I didn't think you had any doubts in anyone's abilities at all.

    I've had an exciting morning trying to organise a trip to Arizona to see Ken for some one-to-one lessons. I can't wait!!!!! Not looking forward to the 20 hour flight from Melbourne to Arizona though!!

    Be cool! Enjoy your day Tony!
  • That's awesome. It should be a good experience. Ken is really passionate, and enthusiastic, and you seem the same so you should get a lot done together.

    Peace, Tony
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 3422.0 PRO
    edited December 2018
    Terrible thing about his houses in Hawaii! I wish he's still in Hawaii....the shopping would have been amazing!!
  • Yes, mother nature showed it's might in Hawaii. Thankfully Ken, and family are safe.

    Shopping!? ha ha ha. You're supposed to go to sing. ha ha

    Peace, Tony
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 3422.0 PRO
    Well, I heard that Neuman microphones are cheaper there! Plus, I gotta please the Mrs right? (May be a handbag or a nice watch, I know for a fact that Versace is nearly half the price in Hawaii compared to the price in Melbourne!) Haha
  • That IS important. Pleasing the wife. ha ha

    The last time I was in Arizona (89), it was in Phoenix, and I came across this guitar shop called "Guitars for Stars". They had more beautiful vintage guitars than I had ever seen in one place before. I ended up getting a Black Beauty (78), and it was a beauty. I wish I would have kept it, but I traded it for an RD Artist, also by Gibson.

    Peace, Tony
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