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NATURAL singing

victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
I want to show the following video and make the following comment for the purpose of (1) making a point regarding the KTVA teachings, and (2) perhaps helping some who read this gain the same insight that I have.

The point I want to make is this. Ken had said that everything he teaches has to do with singing naturally, or words to that effect. In short, nothing should be contrived. I remember him saying that in fact, he wants us to be even "more natural".

At first, I wasn't convinced. After all, if it was natural, why would I need to open my throat? Wouldn't my throat open up naturally?

So here is why I am showing this video. This video was made before i knew of KTVA. When I sang this Chinese song (as a demo to apply for an audition in Asia, in the future), I did the best I could based on emotions and mimmicking the voices of certain singers. The concepts of open throat, passagio, Head voice, reinforced falsetto, compression, vowel modification, using LAH as a basis for a bright sound, and even support....they were NOT in my "skill repertoire", not consciously anyway.

But after these 4 months of twice a day exercises and constant learning, I now listen back to this song, and realised that I did what was natural to me at that time. Yet, a lot of the vocal production was within the techniques taught by Ken!

I did them without knowing that I was doing many things within the KTVA techniques. That was why I was having a very difficult time trying to repeat the same performance (in this video). It was a fluke!!! As Ken told me during a private lesson recently "You got lucky".

Anyway, I just wanted to share this little insight. There were certainly many sloppy bits in my singing but i hope you can see what I am showing and saying. We are all here to learn, and learn we shall!


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Posts: 5362.0 PRO
    @victortang , you say:

    "That was why I was having a very difficult time trying to repeat the same performance (in this video). It was a fluke!!! As Ken told me during a private lesson recently "You got lucky". "

    why do you think it worked so well this one time? did you just have an exceptionally good day?

    To me it seems that you would be skilled enough to repeat it over and over at will.
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
    edited January 21
    @Klaus_T I can't really remember why. But I just couldn't repeat the same performance back then. This video showed my singing after doing the same song for about 12 takes, over several days. That alone shows that I was lacking in "repeatable" skills!

    But I KNOW I can repeat it NOW.

    With knowledge of technique, plus practice, and good health of course, singing becomes a real skill. Not just a fluke. Not just a "I got lucky".
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Posts: 5362.0 PRO
    so you left those moving targets in a pool of blood?! >:) right on
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
    I have a feeling that I will NEVER have a "bad day" in singing now. "Bad" is bad for reasons. We just need to eliminate those reasons, and usher in the reasons for "good".

    But those "reasons" are objective "to-do's" and "not-to-do's".

    Hope I am making sense.
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
    edited January 22
    I have been doing volume 3 since October. Currently doing the 24 exercises 2 times a day. No day off. I am on a mission from god!!! Hahaha

    Highest notes reached lately? iking, I will reply carefully.

    KTVA methods have NOT increased my range per se. That wasn't really my objective because I already could "squeeze out" a G#5 (see 2:30+ below). The video below was made before I knew of KTVA. But what KTVA has done for me was to negotiate my primo Passagio at around F#4 much better so that there is no break. And also I have developed a much stronger head voice to balance my already strong chest voice.

    Also there is now a brightness in my vowels, that I have always wanted to have but thought you had to be born with it. This is even experienced in my low and mid range.

    Reaching a high note may be good as a sport. But reaching is not the issue. Reaching with ease and beauty sounding good was.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
    edited January 22

    Yes Those high notes I can REACH. But they sounded terrible.
    Before KTVA, I was capable of reaching high notes, as high as G#5. But in most circumstances, I cannot use my high notes.

    For example, I can reach all the notes in Still Loving you. But I would not use it to perform publicly. Doing it here in front of you all is quite ok I think. But if someone pays me to sing, I would not be able to use that song (yet), even though I can reach those notes.

    I would like to sing rock and I think I am able to now (albeit badly). I will keep working on improving the entire spectrum, not just the high notes.

    My f4, g4, and most times a4 are now similar in feel. I use to panic at F#. I mean, I could muscle out my G4 and A4 but they were almost always risky.

    I think for me, quality high notes will be a result of overall good singing, almost automatically.

    Does that explain what i am trying to say?
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