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I need help understanding vowel modifications

I think i get the jist of the vowel modifications but i dont understand how to apply them. ive watched all the videos many times but im having some trouble .I dont have much of a natural break so its hard to tell which is the point where i need to start using them also how am i to tell if i am doing them correctly?


  • Michael4000Michael4000 Posts: 700STREAMING PRO
    The point at which you modify is different for everyone, you should start modifying when you feel a tug in your voice. But I'm sure you've heard can say this many times in the videos. Just keep doing it and you will get the feel for it.
  • gusLgusL Posts: 82.0 ENROLLED
    thank you for that. One thing i find interesting is that he tells you not to do it too loudly and to be soft when doing the scales. however when i do that i transfer to head voice way earlier than i should.
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