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Dio - Holy Diver

Simpan27Simpan27 Posts: 226Member
Trying out this classic song from 1983 by Dio one of my inspirations as a singer.


  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 1,776Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 254Pro
    You have good taste in music. Kudos for tackling a tough song. I think working on supporting all of your notes could be a good path for you.
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 1,268Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Dio is a pretty tough target, mate.
    The tone is starting to get there, but you get pretty pitchy right off the bat. As @blondiewales mentioned, you really need to get your support locked down like Fort Knox to be able to carry and stable power and maintain it.
    The only way to get that down is by working it phrase by phrase until you have mastered the entire song, or the section that you are going to record for a short demo. There are no shortcuts.
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