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Chest voice... head I need to separate the two?

JonirockstarJonirockstar Posts: 62.0 PRO
55 year old female musician here and beginner at KTVA. My voice is heavily influenced by Ann Wilson. I have the same strong tone she does up to an F5 (used to be A5 before I hit 50). I know what head voice is, or at least defined by my last classical vocal instructor (I’ve had a few) before Ken. I call my head voice my Olivia Newton John voice. 😊 The only time I have a break issue is when I’m singing a song that hammers on F#4 to G#4. I was able to sing a chorus well in a song that I’ve had endless problems with yesterday (it hammers on those notes) using the open throat technique that I just learned from Ken. I haven’t noticed any break between head and chest in the exercises. So I guess my question is, since I seem to have the same strong vocal tone in the exercises all the way up and down the scale (E3 to F5), do I need to sort out head and chest voice in the exercises? My goals are to strengthen my trouble area (F#4-G#4) and get my strong A5 back. Also to increase my endurance, my vocal consistency, accuracy, and bring a little ratty rock tone into my voice without hurting it. And of course, to maintain my voice as long as I can. I am very happy to be here with all of you and to be learning more about my voice.


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