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First Time "Crying" in D Major instead of Bflat.

victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
So here's the thing....I do my 24 exercises Vol 3 twice a day, and at the end of each session, if i have the time and energy, I would pull out songs that were previously impossible to sing, or impossible to sing without transposing to a lower key. Today, I dived into this karaoke backing track straight after Vol 3. Amazing! As Promised by Ken, these exercises really open up your voice!!!! I swear, I have sung this song for over 30 years, in a Bflat major, this was in D major, for the first time in my life. This stuff really works!!!!


  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 1,809Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
    Wow at 1:45, very smooth! Great, Victor. I love when you sing with less theatrical attitude. If you sing more in a pop manner it really sounds pretty, pretty good. There are several beautiful moments in this recording. Congratulations. I see you growing more and more. You sound more and more uncovered. Doc
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
    edited February 5
    I don't try to be theatrical Doc. It just happens. haha.... Thanks for your generous caring attitude. The world needs more of you. "Uncovering" sounds good! i have to remember that I have had nodules in my vocal chords and couldn't talk for over a year. When I was singing for a living back in the 90s, I had a different voice. Bright and light. So i am lucky that i am even singing today. I will get that back!
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5962.0 PRO
    edited February 7
    @doc_ramadani I found a song in a cd I made in 1990. I was 25yo!!! 29 years ago!!!!!!!! Imagine that!!!!! Here it is, a song I wrote, arranged and sang:
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