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Judas Priest covers

Hello i tried singing three judas priest songs right now. Run of the mill was the hardest one it was my first try. I dont know how it sounds like really. You will be the judge.


  • NeilKenSingerNeilKenSinger Posts: 542.0 PRO
    edited March 15
    Hi Simpan27. I just listened to the attached tracks and I personally think you do these songs great! You really have that rock and metal character tone to your voice, a good tone and vibrato, and you seem to be able to hit those high notes really well too. There may be some minor tuning issues here and there, but that is easily fixed with experience and practice, and in your case is certainly nothing major.

    We can't really judge your technique as accurately without a video, but I like what I heard. Perhaps some others here can give you some more constructive feedback, but I think you're definitely on the right track. Keep it going and keep building your voice, you will get there!
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