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Hi from Newbie Justin

JustinJeffersonJustinJefferson Posts: 72.0 ENROLLED
Hi All

I have just joined the course. I did the free daily vocal exercises for 6 months and noticed improvement, so finally bought the course. I’m 58 and live in Toronto, New South Wales, Australia. I have occasional flashes of acceptable singing LOL, but know with the right path to follow, and exercise, I could sound good. So here goes!

I would appreciate any help with some problems I’m having playing the videos. I have an Apple MacBook Pro, which you would think would have no problems playing the DVDs, but it is having problems.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Apple Tech Help said the problem is that the DVDs are not so compatible with the stock-standard Apple MacBook ‘DVD Player’ app. They suggested I ask in here for suggestions what better app I could download and use.

So any advice what app to use, or whereabouts in this forum I should better ask, would be much appreciated.


Justin J.


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