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Ah vowel for Divas, which octave to sing in?

pranavpranav Posts: 30Pro
edited January 2014 in DIVAS
My little sister is also doing the same course and she is having trouble with Volume One, Ah vowel exercise. She feels more comfortable singing an octave lower from where she is supposed to as she feels that the exercise starts very high in range and goes extremely high by the end of it.
Should she continue doing so? She's a mezzo soprano. also I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that Ken doesn't talk about women contraltos, mezzo-sopranos and other ranges!


  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 432Administrator, Moderator
    She should be doing the Divas workout portion of the program. (not the dudes workout) Unless she sings in the high bari range (which is highly unlikely) the divas workout starts on a F#4. This is important because her vowel modifcations will fall at much different places than yours
  • pranavpranav Posts: 30Pro
    Thanks a lot, Mr. Ken! But she told me she's finding it hard to hit the higher notes.. is it natural? and would she be singing in her head voice (though weak currently) by default while trying to go that high?
    I hope it gets more comfortable for her in time, with consistent practice. 
  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 432Administrator, Moderator
    Can she post a sample of her singing this scale so I can hear her range / register so I can better help you (her)?
  • AntaresAntares Posts: 22Pro

    Hi everybody! I think I may know what is the problem of your sister exercises, because at the start I was wondering about the same thing (I'm a mezzo soprano as well). In the diva exercises Ken sings in the octave we should sing and what may create some confusion is the piano that is played 1 octave above (I guess it can be because it's more simple to hear the pitch of higher notes?). That was my conclusion because in Vol.1 we should practice our chest voice, so I thought we are supposed to touch our lower notes as well. The exercises should go from the lower note C3 to the higher note D5, if I checked the notes right. Please, somebody corrects me if I am wrong or confirm if I'm right.


  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 432Administrator, Moderator
    edited September 2013
    Hi Antares,

    Focus only on the notes that I am actually singing. (piano is a pitch and scale reference).

    If you can go as low as a c3 cool but chances are, if you are a mezzo you would start this at about G4 and upward.

    Does this clarify this for you?


  • AntaresAntares Posts: 22Pro

    Yes, thank you very much, now everything is clear! I'm trying to start as low as I can, c3-e3 are not that powerful but still some sound is coming out. Soon I will try to make a video of me doing the lah exercise, so that I can have some feedback if I'm doing it in the correct way or not.

    Thank you!

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