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Hello from Seattle, Washington, USA

I think I'm over my head here... I used to sing in church when I was a kid and with the stereo in college. Now I'm 63 years old and haven't sung in years and have ZERO range without flipping into falsetto (guess I should have gone with that other program, eh? <grin>). I tried doing the first scale after watching the videos and thought I was doing fine going up the scale until I was coming back down and my voice cracked TWO notes from the BOTTOM of the scale on TRACK 1! I guess you could call that an impressive display of delaying switching from head to chest voice or you could call it a complete basket case. I now know from watching the promotional material that my fun falsetto voice that I've used over the years has put me behind the 8-ball here. When I registered, Ken asked what inspires me to sing. I guess because I'm competitive and I want to learn how to sing better than anybody. Beyond that, it's a great release from the work-a-day world.



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