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My first gig- coolest story ever- ok guys just read and comment you too, you're allowed!!!!

TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
edited September 2013 in DIVAS

I just went on stage with a band "for real". It was a big party and I sang "Let It Rain" by Amanda Marshall, "Weak" by Skunk Anansie and "Rock and Roll" with Led Zeppelin. There were around 150 people in the audience, and I was so nervous, even if I knew many of them. Tony Carey was also supposed to be there (former Rainbow keyboardist and also had his own solo career for the last 40 years), which made me even more nervous. I knew him a little bit from a concert in Norway. But he didn't show up and I was a bit disappointed. Right before I was going to go on stage, he arrived, pulled me to the side and said: "Imagine a ladder and climb to the top of it, look down on the audience. You are the star!"  I went on stage, and people started calling my name. I suddenly decided that I should give them all I had. I said: "Come closer everybody, I want you here in front." Then we started playing. I was very confident about my voice, because I know after all the practice what it can do. And little by little my body losened and I could start moving a bit too.... Suddenly I noticed a guy at my side with a microphone. It was Tony Carey. I was so surprised when he started jamming with me. I lost track of of time and just joined him. It was sooooo cool standing there on stage jamming Led Zeppelin with Tony Carey who once played in Rainbow.

I am hooked on being on stage now!!!!! By the way, I had other great musician with me too: the drummer (my boyfriend Gedda) who used to play in the Norwegian black metal bands Immortal and I, and the guitarist from the band Audrey Horne that some of you may have heard of. How lucky can a girl become!!!! All this thanks to KEN. I LOVE YOU KEN and all others on the forum!!! :-)


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