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Top Notes Divas Vols 1 and 2

JosephJoseph Posts: 260
edited January 2014 in DIVAS
Hey, thought i'd share this with all, including any confident Dudes who might be looking for a next challenge

VOL1 Divas
Track0 - talk
T1 liproll - Bb4
T2 liproll - C5
T3 talk
T4 tongue - B4
T5 tongue - B4
T6 Lah talk
T7 Lah - E5
T8 Lah - E5
T9 LAA - E5
T10 LAA - E5
T11 LAA - E5
T12 EE talk
T13 EE F#5
T14 Ah/AA talk
T15 Ah/AA G5
T16 OO talk
T17 OO - F#5
T18 talk

VOL 2 Divas
T1 Liproll - E5
T2 Liproll - F#5
T3 Tongue - E5
T4 Tongue - E5
T5 talk
T6 Lah - G#5
T7 Lah - G#5
T8 LAA - C6 (double high C - female high c)
T9 - Laa - C6
T10 EE - D6
T11 EE - D6
T12 OO/OH/AA - C#6
T13 AA/AH - B5
T14 AA/AH - B5

Cheers - hope it's right

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