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Hello Reesse here

reessereesse Posts: 159
edited January 2014 in DIVAS

Hello! I just want to introduce myself on here! I found out about Ken and his program through youtube. Before this program I really NEVER thought I would be able to sing well at all.Its quite a depressing subject thinking about how far I have come from then, but anyhow through Kens videos I learned how passionate someone could actually be about growing the voice, and not about money. I could DEFINITELY tell through his numerous videos that he was the most caring man and he would be perfect for my journey as a singer/musician. This all started in the middle of November when I was still 20 that I was going to finally give this and my voice a try. I bought KTVA's volume 1 alone first and I could believe first of all, how many things Ive been missing; how much you could actually grow the voice. I practiced it for about a month until I finally got the bundle for Christmas!! I was super psyched. I could tell through the first volume my voice had grown and I was able to make a brighter sound and my pitch was better. I havent ever to this day looked at Volume 3 but I am very eager. For now my college has started back up and is keeping me pretty busy; which is very upsetting because i formed a definate family here through my break. So to shorten this a bit, I can only do the warm ups on the weekends; and have been doing volume 1 and 2 interchanging. AND WOW i cannot begin to tell you the transformation in my voice since I have started both. My sounds are rediculously bright and LOUD especially after I practice. So saying this; Ken has not only changed my voice for the better but my confidence;  Im not a sports person or anything, and I needed to find a perfect niche to where I could grow and develop at a good pace and here it is!! The people in this program are exactly what I have been looking for! KTVA is amazing, I have yet to get a webcam lesson or in studio and I just cannot wait to see what the future brings for all of us here! Sorry if this was a bit long but its worth the read because this is the best program!!!! Please feel free to talk to me whenever !


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