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Any chance of the Richie Kotzen tutorial going back up?

streeterstreeter Posts: 679Moderator, Pro
Hi Ken!

Any chance??


  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Moderator, Enrolled
    @streeter. I know Ken has wanted to edit that video. I've also requested that I do another lesson to have another crack at it:). Hopefully I've improved
  • streeterstreeter Posts: 679Moderator, Pro
    @sspatrick, I've always loved Richie ever since I heard him on Mike Varney's label and subsequent instructional vid as an up and coming super shredder along with Jason Becker and Greg Howe. First time I ever heard him sing was a Tune called 'Rust' unplugged on a Japenese morning show. One of the initial influences that made me really, really want to sing 7-8 years ago... Failing miserably. Now here we are again and I'm starting to develope the tools necessary for the tune. There's so many subtle licks and nuances that I never noticed before and a whole bunch of stuff that I really want to develope this year.. I think that's what separates the singers I really like to the ones I don't. That blues and soul influence... And it's apparent in all genres. From Tab Benoit to Whitesnake. Maybe that's why I never latched on to QueensRyche or Dream Theater because they are missing that real blues influence. Were you working on 'Angel' or 'Remember'?
  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Moderator, Enrolled
    I was working in Angel. Had a tough time with the C#5:). Richie does use a lot of head voice or head mix up there. My advice would be to work your bridge lightly allowing yourself to release into head voice. E
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