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Always On My Mind - Vocal Demonstration

jayjay Posts: 32Enrolled
Hey everyone, 

If you have a few minutes, I'd appreciate you having a listen to my first vocal demo
any critique is welcome and any advice on areas that need improving :-)


  • KokonuhtKokonuht Posts: 658Member, Enrolled
    Whew, I enjoyed it! It's pretty good and since it's pretty low pitched, the need for vowel modifications aren't needed always. Thumbs up ;) I love the little bits of vibrato you put in! Not too much to make it tacky but just nice. ;)

    Nice emotions as well ;)
  • halcyonhalcyon Posts: 50Enrolled
    nicee! totally enjoyed it.... eargasm XD hahaahah

    nice touch of vibrato too!!

    with that said could you do a song with a higher key?
    yeah Im obessesed with high notes XD

    would love to hear your high notes cuz you pretty all ready it down in the l0wer ranges

  • jayjay Posts: 32Enrolled
    Thank you both very much for the kind words ...... i just wanted to test the waters and see what others thought :-)

    As for the high nights, well i hope they will make an appearance soon, 

    I'll be trying to nail Journey's "Dont stop believing" in the original key (E)
    i'm taking a guess the high note is a C#5 or a D5
    that'll take some dedication over the next while
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,515Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Bravo!  Very nice.  

    More. More. More.  More.  More....


  • SanninoSannino Posts: 66Pro
    I love this song and you did a really good job! Congratulations!
  • andersanders Posts: 77Enrolled
    This was truely wonderfull! You have a great voice. I am in awe.
    I gona give you pointers though. You need to work on timing and abowe all you need to challange your self. You are att the moment singing too much in your comfort zone. Try to go outside of comfort!
    Great singing and I am so glad that I had the chanse to hear you sing.
    All the best!
  • andersanders Posts: 77Enrolled
    To claryfy. This may be due to the recording situation but I feel you are always or at least very often a bit behind the beat.
    Greatt voice never the less.
  • jayjay Posts: 32Enrolled
    Thanks very much guys
    It was a relatively easy song to sing just wanted general opinions of others

    @anders : the feel of the drag or off beat timing your referring to was very much deliberate for effect and a more swing/jazz vibe
    It's based on Michael Buble's cover

    Next cover will be more challenging vocally :-)
  • mivisonmivison Posts: 191Pro, 2.0 PRO
  • PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Posts: 95Enrolled
    Oh wow! This is really nice. It makes me feel even more self conscious about the clips I posted of me singing!

    I know that KTVA is all about the voice, but I also just wanted to mention that I love the piano chords.

    Great stuff! :-)
  • jayjay Posts: 32Enrolled
    Cheers @PeteMurphy, appreciate the comments, I'm the musical director for Vegas Nights - a corperate and wedding band, I'm always experimenting with chord substitution to make it more interesting to the ear

    As for being self conscious about your clips, you will always be your own worst critic - I know I am

    I'm gonna check yours out now ha ha 
  • sspatricksspatrick Posts: 1,278Moderator, Enrolled
    great job.  I love the forward placement of your voice in the lower range.  I know sometimes we singers get obsessed with hitting the high notes(guilty as charged), but great TONE makes a great singer!  Nice work.  I would rather have someone blow me away with great tone, and emotion than sing the highest note they can.  Th average listener doesn't care how high you can sing, they care about how good it sounds and how it makes them feel.  Keep up the good work.
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Posts: 658Member, Enrolled
    Quote for truth :
    The average listener doesn't care how high you can sing, they care about how good it sounds and how it makes them feel.  Keep up the good work.
  • PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Posts: 95Enrolled
    This might be a silly question, but what does 'XD' mean?

    Oh, and I also agree with what @sspatrick said. Tone > Range.
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Posts: 658Member, Enrolled
    My bad for using internet language. XD = an emoticon. Emotion icon. X describing the two eyes as "x" while D as a big wide smile :)
  • PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Posts: 95Enrolled
    Ahhhhh, thank you! I've seen it so many times before, and wondered "what does that mean??!?!????"
  • TBooTBoo Posts: 3Member

    I really, really like this!  Great tone.  Very mellow and just makes me want to relax and drift away.

    Look forward to hearing more
  • carripolpaktocarripolpakto Posts: 5Enrolled
    really  really really good man 
  • ch1ch1 Posts: 14Enrolled
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