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dry mouth on the gig/piano workouts in volume2

getdazgetdaz Posts: 30Pro
hi everyone,
got two questions for ya's
1}had the chance to sing at a small gig recently,trouble was i got the drys before and during the performance,not even drinking loads of water seemed to help much ,any remedies folks?
2}in volume 2 why are the piano workouts different from the workouts that ken sings in the first lot of exercises in volume 2?
thanks daz.

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  • getdazgetdaz Posts: 30Pro
    yeah thanks bob,more water then mate.
    with the volume two workouts,am i supposed to be practising with the first lot that ken sings on, or the second lot with the piano exercises?.
    the piano exercises seem longer to me.could you please explain in short the volume two work outs they seem to be higher up the scale.

    thanks bob kind regards darrell
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,573Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hey, Darrell.
    The Volume Two exercises are just a notch harder than the Volume One exercises. I think they are about the same with the piano as they are without piano.

    Some students wanted to be able to sing without hearing Ken's voice, so Piano was substituted. This allows you to try singing without thinking the sound of Ken's voice is coming from you. Some students were hearing Ken and not fully doing the work themselves.

    The exercises may go higher up the scale in some instances, and they are moving along faster. Volume 3 exercises go even faster and even higher. Some of the scales are harder, also. Volume 2 is just kind of in the middle. Harder and moves along a little faster than Volume1.

    You should be focusing on your vowel modifications a little more now than you did in Volume 1.

    All the Best,

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