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3 days = Half an octave

Lasse34Lasse34 Posts: 7Enrolled
Before starting this program I was struggling and straining to reach a c4 in chest voice for one of my bands own songs with maybe 10% success rate (and being really hoarse).
Today, 3 days in, I just hit a c5 (again and again) practicing, I've only been doing the lip roll and tongue exercise + trying to get the hang of the AH vowel modifications, as this seems to be the limit to my voice at this time. But the improvement I've seen from day to day, just from doing that, is insane!
I think I'll be able to start on scales for all the volume 1 vowel modifications during next week and I can't wait to see what that'll do for my voice!
Thank you Ken Tamplin, this is insane!


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