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How to sing like Paul McCartney

PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Posts: 95Enrolled
edited May 2012 in Ken Tamplin's Corner
Hiya Ken!

I watched the How To Sing Like Kelly Clarkson 'Stronger' video, and there's a comment
underneath it asking about you doing a 'how to sing like Paul McCartney'
lesson. Yes! I would love this so much! I don't know why I didn't think
to ask this myself.

He's definitely a big favourite of mine - Maybe I'm Amazed.... and those
screams at the end of Hey Jude ("Jude Judy Judeh judeh Judeh
WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!") - if I could do a scream like that I'd be a very
happy man. Steven Tyler also does those McCartney influenced screams
(like at the end of the Aerosmith song 'Amazing').

Have a great day,


  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 432Administrator, Moderator
    I might just have to find the time to do a Paul video of amazed soon for a personal satisfaction :-)
  • GuevaraGuevara Posts: 140Enrolled

    Paul McCartney is also one of my favorite vocalists and he is brilliant example of a singer who has kept improving as he gets older. How does he do those awsome screams?? Looking forward to seeing you do a McCartney masterclass Ken!

  • PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Posts: 95Enrolled
    Wow, that would be great, Ken!

    Rod Stewart did a beautiful version of 'Maybe I'm Amazed' with The Faces. The bass player sings the verses, but when Rod comes in on the big sections, it's POW! Brilliant!

  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,515Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Yeah, Pete.

    Maybe I'm amazed is also on my list of Practice Songs I sing when it's just me and nobody else is listening.

    It's a real Power Stretcher!

    Ken will blow us all away if he posts that one!


  • GuevaraGuevara Posts: 140Enrolled
    Classic stuff!, thanks for posting this Pete. I love the way Rod Stewart can make every song he covers completely his own. Another of my all time favorite singers:-)
  • freedomfreedom Posts: 30Enrolled
    Hands Down, Oh Darling;

    Soulful and His Scream/Singing "When You Told me.." Absolutely Amazing
  • PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Posts: 95Enrolled
    @freedom - oh yeah! Oh darling is one of his greatest performances. I love his vocal on Helter Skelter too.

  • GuevaraGuevara Posts: 140Enrolled


    And even on the really early songs he can be heard pulling off those brilliant, visceral screams, songs like "I Saw Her Standing There" "Twist and Shout" (Backing vocals).

  • timitzitimitzi Posts: 14Enrolled
    Good call on Paul, he is fabulous. It is unreal how good his usable vocal range is, and he sounds fabulous around all of his areas. A pretty versatile chap!

    About Tyler, you can also hear him sing Macca-like lines during the ending of "Livin' on the Edge":

    5:25 onwards - Much like the "Hey Jude"-notes!
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