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Three questions regarding 'vocal health and wellness' video

MilesConradMilesConrad Posts: 18Pro
edited June 2012 in Vocal Health and Wellness
Hi there!

I'm a beginner who has been on volume one for a couple of months now. Last Friday I went to a three hour concert and due to shouting and singing the whole time as well as lack of sleep and water until the next day, my voice took a beating, I can't complete any of Ken's scales successfully and my ears are kind of clogged. On the 'Vocal health and wellness' video on volume three of 'How To Sing', Ken gives a recipe of a great immune system builder and says to "juice" them and take it with food once or twice a day. I tried Googling the recipe and found a comment on one of Ken's YouTube videos where he gave a longer recipe.

1) I only have a blender, not a juicer. Is a blender okay to use with these ingredients or would it be wise to invest in a good juicer?
2) If blended or juiced, do I add water or something to it?
3) What recipe should I use? The one in the video which has less ingredients, or the one Ken stated on YouTube which has more (1 small bushel of spinach, 1 clove garlic, a thumb size sprig of ginger, 1/1 apple, 1/4 red beet (bulb), a celery stick, 5 carrots, 1 - 1/8 tea spoon cayenne pepper, 1 shot of wheat grass)?

Many thanks!

Best Answer

  • Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 432
    Accepted Answer

    A blender is different than a juicer.

    Blending the following can get pretty nasty.


    1 bushel of spinach

    1 bushel of Kale

    5-7 large carrots (depending on how sweet you want it)

    1 sprig of ginger (about the size of your thumbnail)

    1 large clove of fresh garlic

    1 celery stick

    1/4 of an onion (if you can handle it)

    I have never "blended" this before, only juiced it and it will works very very well.




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