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Whistle Refister/Dual note singing.

Hello all, I have a question. I know one of the guarantees is this: "if I can't teach it, it can't be done"

We know that the whistle register exists, so my question is can this be taught or is it a freak of nature type thing? Mariah C. can sing higher than I can whistle, how is that done?

The next question is this: how do people sing two notes simultaneously? Chester from Linkin Park is know to sing two notes at once. Can this be taught?

NOTE: please know that I am not trying to stir up an unpleasantness; I know it can be hard to determine what someone's attitude or agenda is while reading mere text.

Thank you all kindly (:


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,833Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Ken does not teach whistle register or dual-note overtones.

    Ken could teach it if he wanted to. The thing is, he doesn't want to teach people to sing in either of these modes. They aren't that useful, and many people don't like to hear them at all.

    Ken is teaching people to sing in very popular modes that are much more useful (to most students) than overtone drones and squeaks.

    These things CAN be done. Ken CAN teach them. Ken does not care to teach these, or screamo, and a few other unpleasant or unsafe sounds. You can google these techniques and find tutorials that teach them. They are not now, and most likely will never be part of the KTVA program. What IS part of the KTVA program is very useful information that will help you to become a really good singer. If you want to learn these other items you have mentioned, those won't be part of the KTVA program.

    All the Best!

  • louielouie Posts: 4Pro
    Thanks for the reply. I am a KTVA student, I was only curious about those types of singing.
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond! Ken is awesome.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,833Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
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