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Are Vocal Fry and Falsetto Exercises Important For Warm Up?

Hello all,
I have researched and heard from a few singers that vocal fry and falsetto exercises are important for singing. Vocal fry to help release tension (especially on high notes), and falsetto to help stretch out certain muscles in the throat. Should i be doing separate exercises on these along with what ken offers in his course? Thank you!


  • I'm wondering that too. I saw ken scream video at the last level of distortion he demonstrated, where he was relaxed in a fry state. Thats the only fry I know he have shown.
  • streeterstreeter Posts: 679Moderator, Pro
    I don't think there's anything wrong with them. The lip burble is a falsettoish exercise as a warm up anyway. I believe Kens logic is to have every single exercise relate directly to practical singing. Even through the burble and tongue exercise we have to mitigate the air, keep the throat open, work on bridging and find resonance. Fry exercises don't really do that and the worry about falsetto is people never really graduate to cord closure and a proper support system and start thinking all singing should 'feel' like that.
  • vmalheirosvmalheiros Posts: 105Pro
    I don't think you should use your time doing those exercises, because what you really need is to build enough strength to sing with good cord closure. You can always come back and sing with with an airy sound, but the other way around is not possible.
  • sinxsinx Posts: 24Pro
    edited September 2016
    I did vocal fry and falsetto exercises for years and got absolutely nowhere. By concentrating on vowel modifications and resonance I have got further in the last six months than the regretfully wasted years before this. Don't make the same mistakes I did.
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