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Blues Distortion-Rod Stewart/Sam Cooke

Hey guys just a short Acapella clip... questions comments welcome...


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  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 149
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    Sounds good man. Sorry you're not getting more comments.

    If I had to point out something more useful that "sounds cool bro," it would be that your open-throat technique seems to close up a bit around the first "gasoline alley". Maybe even a little before that. All the consonants and narrow vowels, I'd suspect. I'm kinda surprised you didn't go "gAHasAHolEHine AHallEHy where AH wAHs BAHrn". It works aesthetically, but I know you're big on maximizing resonance.
  • @blondiewales, I did initially but it sounded overcooked and weird. I decided to go with the one that sounded more aesthetically pleasing and artistically correct rather than technically correct. Both had the same level of comfort, so I went with what I thought sounded better. Thanks man. Appreciate it.
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