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Killer Queen - Queen.

This song, this song is just so melodic and I love it. I am getting a better result at the G4's than before, so I try to go for them, but they are just not consistent. Especially the parts that say: ''Just like Marie-Antoinett'' or ''She spoke just like a baroness'' and a G#4 which is ''Guaranteed to blow your mind''. Now, I usually push down on my diaphragm, open my throat, etc. What are your recommendations/tips on approaching it?

I am posting the link so I save you time:

Minute: 0:15, 0:38, 1:05, 1:28 and 2:30.


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,514Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    These lyrics are packed with tons of consonants. It helps to minimize the consonants, so that the notes aren't so broken-up and so that you can maintain an open throat more of the time.

    To sing the high G's and G#'s, you have to pare back the tone. You can't easily take a lot of girth up there like you could on a C4 or D4. The notes have to taper down as you go up.
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