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How do I sound?

I had a few vocal lessons, but I was told that I could just learn to sing from their videos and I would not have to pay money since I do not make much, and also to vocalize. I do vocalize a lot, but do I still sound tone deaf. Does it sound like I am straining? Do I sound nasal? Now my recordings kind of suck, so please keep that in mind and that mic might be a bit loud, You might want to listen with head phones. This is not a professional recording, so please keep that in mind when you hear me sing, which can make a huge difference when people hear me I have a few other samples to share as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks. Here is a video of me singing I placed on you tube.


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,876Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hi, @donnabright

    Your singing is not all good and it's not all bad. You started off pretty good. You get a lot of the notes correct, but some are too high for what you are trained for, so far, so you are a little flat on those notes that are too high for you.

    You can do scales to practice and get your voice trained to reach higher notes. Good vocal exercises can help to get you able to sing higher notes. You do have to listen to make sure you are hitting the notes correctly.

    There are places where your voice gets more noticeably nasal, but they are only momentary. So I think it's unfair to say "you're too nasal". You do need to listen to your voice and figure out where that is happening and work on opening up the tone on those spots.

    Your singing sounds OK on most parts, and sometimes it sounds good, but when the song goes higher than you can presently sing, in those places it's needing work.

    You sound like you need a decent training program, and to work with vocal exercises that will build your voice and make it stronger, more consistent, and you need to learn to sing the notes that are a little out of your reach right now. There are things you could learn about breath support and getting good vocal tone that would be helpful, too.

    So if you want to be a better singer, there is some work for you to do. We've all had to do that, to some degree, to improve our voices.

    All the Best!

  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,876Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Yes, it would get you started well. It contains similar exercises and goes down the same road as the main KTVA course, but there are fewer exercises and it's mostly getting you started on the basics. But they are the right basics to get a good foundation going for your voice.

    Weekend Warrior doesn't include expanded student access to the forums, though. There are tons of discussions in student areas on the forums, as well as additional videos.

    But if you later decide to get the main program or the pro bundle, you will already have many of the Volume One concepts down (the KTVA way) from Weekend Warrior. WW is definitely the way to go if you can't manage to get the main KTVA program.

    You can still post videos of you doing the basic Lah scale, for example, and get feedback that is really more valuable to building your voice, than to post full songs.

    The exercises break down the notes into vowels and allow us to get your singing more stable and consistent, which you really need before trying to be evaluated on whole songs. Songs are more like machine-gun bursts of consonants and different vowels, and so many things are happening in rapid-fire sequence that it's hard to find a starting place to critique more than a line at a time on songs, with any real attention to detail.

    We focus on one thing at a time, work on what needs to improve, then move on to the next most important thing.

  • Me singing again..I did mess up the words some. I know. I can correct that, but how does my voice sound? Thanks.
  • Bob, thanks for the feedback, well at least there is some improvements. I used to get told I sounded really nasal, a lot, but I think that is getting better with practice. I do have a CD with scales and to train ear.
    I know I am still working with tone. If I bought the Ken Tamplin singing course, on DVD will this solve all, or most, of my singing issues, because if so I would buy asap.
    I will work on what you say to do and I love singing and vocalizing, and know it takes time to become the best. I love what I do, which is singing. I always have fun. Thank you for the reply
  • Would the Weekend Warrior singing Course get me started? Is all I can afford for right now. I would like to save up to get the full singing course. Thanks.
  • Wow! I just bought the Weekend Warrior download and I am very impressed with the content and the lessons, even for basics. Very nice. I like to get the pro bundle. I will save to buy, because I know will be worth it.

    I will practice for awhile, and then post me singing the Lah scale. I really love how the CD WW is done in Video and Audio. To show how to do the exercises as well. This rocks, Was worth the money spent.

    Me..Working on one Vowel and one consonants at a time.
    Can I upload to you tube me singing along to the KT CD WW? I ask because of Copy right, thanks. Better to ask before hand. Ya know what I mean,

    I will keep ya all informed on how I am doing. Also to get the most out of the WW CD how often each day should I practice, like for 15 min to an hour, or more? Just wondering. Thanks.
  • Sorry new to WW CD. Ken says practice 20 to 30 minutes a day, see Ken already answers the question. I just missed it. Always helps to reply CD over. lol.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,876Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    It's OK to put one exercise up and get feedback. You can be given things to work on that will last you a while to get them right, and those things will make a difference.
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
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    Never mind I found the ghost post! lol
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