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Hi Everyone!

matthewlomatthewlo Posts: 11Pro, 2.0 PRO
Hi everybody my names Matt and I made the decision to buy Ken Tamplins course after reading all the reviews here on the forum and watching a few of the videos of his great students. I'm currently a college student and had the chance to take a voice class last semester in college and just found how much I loved it because I had always wanted to be able to sing. I learned quite a bit about classical singing techniques and learned so much from my previous teacher that I wanted to finally find someone that could teach rock and metal singing as well as pop and after a ton of research I bit the bullet and bought Kens course. I'm still very much a beginner but with a couple of months of experience in me I found after watching all of volume one and beginning to use the exercises with vowel modifications that I've gone from barely being able to squeak out a questionable F4 with a ton of effort to getting up to about an A4 fairly solidly. I'm a fairly heavy voice type probably a low baritone so I've always wanted more access to my upper range and just to be a better singer in general and not let a voice type keep me from progressing. I'm keeping in mind to try to forget my other singing experience while doing all of the exercises and listening to Ken as I progress. I'm just happy so far after about a week and wanted to give some background on myself and can't sit to keep progressing through the course after getting a firm grasp on Volume 1. I also play guitar, bass and piano, just to share a bit more about my music background. Most of my skill is in years of guitar but I'm excited to learn as much as I can and go as far as I can with Kens help. Hope this wasn't too long and not too much of an early review for an introduction. Great to meet everyone!


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