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When I Buy How to sing Better Than Anyone Else. Question about Download DVD.

When I buy the How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else, which I might buy next month. IF I buy the Download and lets say I have to wipe my pc clean, as I have before. Which means I might need the download back at some point, would I be able to get the download back, as long as I save a copy of what was sent to me? I mean once I buy the download. However with the WW course I was able to save that to my memory sticks, but if the program is too big i would not be able to.


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  • KTVA works with customers on a case-by-case basis, but my experience with them is that they are very helpful with things like that. After a certain period of time, there may be a fee involved.

    The world of technology is making USB sticks now with huge capacity. You should be able to save a backup that you can keep so you don't have to depend on anyone else in case your computer dies for a reasonable price. I have some 256 gig memory sticks. That may be bigger than the hard drive on your computer.
  • The ram is just what the computer needs to operate, not where you store files and programs. 500 GB is probably the size of your hard drive, which IS where you would load the program. The reason to load the program on a memory stick is so that when and if your computer goes belly-up, you'll still have the program stored away on your memory stick, in your safe deposit box, or a desk drawer. You buy a new PC, and plug in your memory stick and reload it in your new PC. Or not.
  • I just looked at a folder that has the pro bundle and Weekend Warrior in it as zipped files, and my computer says it's 16.0 GB. It's probably a little bigger than that when you extract it, but not much.
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    I might just buy the 2: The ProBundle: The Course + ProPacks course, to get the whole program, but I must make sure that i would never lose that download ya know what I am saying, so if I need the Download lets say a year or so from now cause pc went dead, would I be able to get the download back?
  • Would a 128 gig work for download of all the files, in the singing course.. 2: The ProBundle: The Course + ProPacks course? Is that a good for memory? 128 gig. Cause if so, I go to Amazon to buy. I have a 500 gig on my pc. I know that is a lot and I still have plenty of space for things.
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 103
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    It says for installed ram on my pc under settings..8.00 gb (7.47 gb usable) Wait maybe i have more than 500 gb. I think, not sure, not that I look at it. All I know is I have tons of space left.
    Yea, I have a nice pc, but sometimes I get virus and have to wipe everything clean!
  • I bought a 32 GB memory stick today and after I took everything off my pc..I still have 12,000 gb left is this enough for the 2: The ProBundle: The Course + ProPacks course. I think It would be, but just making sure. How big is the whole download? I ask because seems like a huge program. Thanks.
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 103
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    I will have to buy another 32 GB, but it was only 13 dollars at Walgreens. Thanks, at least I know what to buy to save all the files. I also did a pc clean because my pc was so slow and popping up ads, now my pc runs smoothly, I saved my files to memory stick, so I did not lose much. Thanks for letting me know.
  • I am waiting, to the 1st when I get paid, than I will be able to buy this singing course, it might hurt a little, my small budget, but I will make up for it. The count down continues. 7 days from now. Sure glad I buy online down load, that way is instant.
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