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When I talk with both head phones there is stutter. Would this affect my singing?

donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
When I talk with both head phones on it is like there is a stutter and I do not stutter. lol. But if I take one head phone off and one on when I talk with the head phones, using my cad u 37 mic, then no stutter, why is that? I can sing and it seems to be fine. But it it really fine?
Also I like to buy the full singing course by download, can I always have access to the download if I need it, if something happens to my pc? Thanks.


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  • It sounds like there may be a latency issue. Which software are you using to record?

    There's usually an "Audio Settings" tab somewhere which should allow you to adjust the rate at which the audio is processed by the software driver. As far as I know, it's usually around 512 samples per second or thereabouts, depending on how powerful your computer is. I can't really explain the technical side as I don't fully understand it enough myself, but I'm sure someone here could help with that.

    Maybe try downloading a programme called "ASIO4ALL"; it's a free audio driver that should give you a bit more flexibility and allow for real-time recording.

    If you're getting it with both headphones on, it'll almost certainly affect your singing by causing a distraction but it's easily remedied.

    Hope this helps!
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
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    Ok, I will try to play around with it. I know the link you gave me, it helped some, but there is some stutter, but not as bad. I have no idea what I am doing. lol. I will figure it out. Or keep trying to understand. It is funny because it is like I do not stutter but mic gives me a stutter. ha. I do not have that problem, my mic does. Yes, it is my mics fault.
  • The CAD U37 is a USB mic, isn't it? I had a look online and it seems to be quite a common problem, so depending on which type of computer - as in, Mac or PC - and which software you're running - for example, Audacity, Reaper, Cubase, Logic or whatever - there looks to be a few ways to resolve it.

    If you're comfortable doing so, then it might be worth opening up your task manager on your computer and turning off any unnecessary background processes as they can sometimes take up a lot of processing power. Also, try googling "optimise windows/mac for audio" as there's lots of wee tricks you can use to give you more power without having to install any other software or do too much tinkering with your setup.

    Try playing around with ASIO4ALL and change the latency settings; try taking it as low as 256 samples per second and see how that works for you. Maybe also change the settings from 48kHz to 44kHz and change the bitrate from 24bits to 16bits. I know that's a wee bit technical (to be honest, I only know through trial and error!) but it's just a few things that might help.

    It's a pain when you're trying to set things like this up, but it sounds like a fairly common problem you're having so I'm sure you'll figure it out. Just drop me a message if there's anything I can help with
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