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Has anyone said anything bad about your singing? If so how ya deal with it?

donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
Has anyone said anything bad about your singing? If so how ya deal with it?
This is how I deal with it. 1. Laugh, or 2. Know that not everyone is going to like me or my singing, and that is fine by me. I am still going to sing because it is what I love to do. 3. Ignore if they just are being mean and not helpful.

Yes, I had plenty said to me about my voice, and not all too nice. I am talking with people I have known, or some folks on you tube or face book, or in real life, yes there is a world off the Internet. Anyways. I was told I can't sing and I was told shut up. lol. They think I am going to shut up. ha, or that I hurt their ears. In that case let me sing for them some more, just for saying that to me. How dare they try to bruise my singing ego.

So if you do not mind sharing has anyone said anything rude about your singing, if so, what did you do to them, or how did you handle what they said?


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  • It was the criticism of a friend of mine back in High School that made me become a better singer all those years ago. Sometimes criticism pushes you harder to improve, but if someone's genuinely interested in seeing you do better then they're more likely to phrase it in a more constructive way. As Bob said, the internet does embolden a lot of rude people to just throw nasty comments out there, so try to avoid taking their words to heart as most of them don't even believe their own nonsense anyway; they're just trying to be hurtful. Use it as fuel to keep that passion for singing ablaze inside of you and prove them wrong, but just do it for yourself and not in an effort to please others.

    I know I can sing fairly well otherwise I wouldn't be putting myself out there every weekend singing live, but I also know that some people just don't like the general tone of my voice and I'm happy to accept that. Like you and the others on here, I sing for myself primarily so while it's nice to get positive feedback I also know that, as the old saying goes, "you can't please all of the people, all of the time".

    The worst thing you can do is to engage the so-called "haters" in discussion about it. Most of them just want someone to argue with them so don't give them the satisfaction, just focus on developing your voice for your own pleasure and know in your heart that you're doing what most of them have neither the ability or the courage to do.
  • It happens... Even had a band member recently bring in an old singer of theirs "So they could hear how it sounded when I wasn't split between guitar and singing".
    At first I was seriously offended to the point of walking away from my own band... then I decided to dig deep and put some of the newfound control and range I've learned to work. That singer actually approached me afterwards and complimented what I did, jokingly using terms like "rock god" LOL.
    I am well-aware that I have a very long way to go, but to the persistent go the spoils.
    Do it for the love of it, not for the praise-reward of the people listening. That will come in time, but don't depend on it for fuel to keep going... that has to come from inside.
    Lastly, I also realized that as a guitarist, I get allot more leeway than I do as a singer. Singers put up with allot of crap, and are expected to be bang on consistently. I've never understood that, especially when taking into consideration that the singer's instrument is biological, and exposed to all sorts of potential issues that an inanimate guitar isn't... I'll never understand this type of thing
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,676Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Phil, you seem to be coming along well with your program. It's cool when people come in here, not certain that they're going to find the skills they want, and then slowly see signs that yes, it's working, and yes, you can tell that you know where this is going to eventually take you.

    Some people aren't ready to accept that you're passing them on the left when they think you're way back there on the right.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,676Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    There are a lot of rude people in the world, and the internet emboldens some rude people to make some terrible comments.

    And sometimes, any of us can sing something that maybe doesn't sound so good, or at least we did before we got better and learned to sing better.

    The best response is to say nothing and to go off and learn to sing better. You might improve a lot, and those haters might still say awful things. But if you really do get better, then you get the pleasure of knowing that you sing a lot better now, despite what mean people might say.

    We sing because we want to sing. Because it feels good. And we hope it sounds good.

    If you want to sing, you should sing, even if you have to learn from the ground up, how to sing. Be the best that you can be, and enjoy the journey of becoming a better singer. Getting there is half the fun!
  • Yes, I agree with you and Bob, there are some rude people on the net. But also in real life as well. I mean it is one thing for them to try to help me, but another to make nasty comments. However, they never did stop me from singing. Singing and music is in my blood dude. I will never stop making music, no matter what they say to me. I do sing for myself, always have done so, if people like me fine, if not, they do not have to. I am still going to sing. I think if someone had a gun to my head and said stop singing..I would be dead. lol

    You know is the same with people, some like me, some hate me. I can't please them all. And same with singing. I used to post to a well known message board called Metal Sludge, and trust me, that is not a place to post what I do here, the people can get really nasty over there. I stopped posting there. For many reasons. Although that is the place where I learned how to deal with the haters. You want a good fight go over to that message board. I can assure you, people will get more than they asked for. That is like throwing yourself into the mosh pit. lol

    I used to engage with the haters, but not today. I have too much to do, to waste my time on such non sense. And yes, they do want to argue, and I just ignore them now.

  • It is definitely coming along... I just can't wait till I can pull it all together without having to think about it... Phase 2 is coming along very well and naturally; probably be spending another couple of months on it before dropping it into high-gear with phase 3. A few of the concepts so far, I kind of did, but couldn't do consistently, mainly because of a lack of foundation. I'm finally building that foundation, and slowly but surely, the puzzle is making better sense.
    Maybe someday I'll even hit some crazy cross between Ray Gillen and Rob Halford... barring that, something very much like myself :-p
  • The comments above are all good, there's really no point in explaining yourself to haters. Sadly there's always gonna be mean people but the best thing to do is ignore them. Besides, they might be jealous because you're doing what they don't have the guts to do.
    Of course criticism might be helpful when you want to improve your singing but it should be constructive. Just keep on doing your thing and enjoy singing!
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,676Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    The Love Glasses can be helpful...
  • Dan_NZDan_NZ Posts: 39Pro
    I was told at a young age I couldn't sing. Have had a hang up about that for as long as I could remember. Had a workmate about 20 years ago that was an opera singer, classically trained and studied all over the world, she gave me a few lessons and basically told me I had a nice voice. Just limited in range and pitchy sometimes. Well that gave me something to work with. A few years after that I fronted a trio/blues band, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix type stuff so nothing too demanding in the vocal department, we gigged around town for a while. 15 odd years went by with the odd gig and then formed a band with some local dads from the kid's school. We started doing 70's rock Eagles etc. Way more demanding in the vocals department so realised I had to increase my range and get way better. So downloaded the KTVA and do about 40 mins practice most nights and have been since March last year. I'm still not a confident singer and still get the odd comment about my lack of range or the odd bum note. I'm not lead vocalist.

    So to answer your question yes I get "feedback" a lot. I get that my range is limited and I sometimes miss a note or two, I've even had a band member laugh out load when I miss notes. So how do I deal with it? Practice, practice, practice. I've learned just to drop the "slight" I feel and think OK what do I need to work on.
  • RegieRegie Posts: 10Member
    I dealt with them in reality
    I did admit I don't know how to sing "yet"
    But then after that humiliation
    I'll do everything that they are only right for a brief moment and I'll come to them with the badge of KTVA!!!
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 120Enrolled
    This just reminded me of something...
    I was playing a house party with one of my mentors, (who has a few records out etc), and he did his set of originals with minimal vocal range lackluster and received all the accolades and applause (hard act to follow)
    So I go up and sing my originals, pouring my heart out on every note and using every bit of my range to create tension and release, and received a polite applause... I WAS CRUSHED!!
    Until later, when the 20-something daughters of the householder came up to me and expressed how much my songs impacted them and how much emotion was conveyed.
    So in a nutshell, to quote Ricky Martin "You can't please everyone..."
    And there will always be people who appreciate good writing, and passionate execution. You will eventually find your audience if you keep at it.

    My lesson was to stop riding other's coat-tails in the hopes people who love them, might also like me...
    Cut to Silver Lining: When life hands you lemons... I got to hang out with those 2 lovely ladies and talk about life and aspirations for the rest of the evening. Winning and losing are most often just perspectives :smiley:
  • I agree. I sing because that it what I love to do. Even if I get told to be quiet, or don't quit my day job. lol

    Some think I could never learn to sing, but how they know, they don't. I am going to improve. I just need to get my ear trained to start off with. And than learn how to sing lower and upper notes.

    I did buy other vocal teacher's training course's. which are well known on you tube, and it did not help me to sing. I gave it a lot of time, but I still needed a lot of help, vocally.

    I read really great reviews on Kens singing course, and I hear how the people sing, they can sing. So I know Ken knows what he is doing.
  • Once by an anonymous online troll, and once by a drunk dude who has a grudge against me from way back. That's all I can think of. I'm happy to say that I am consistently complimented for my voice.
  • I recieve bad comments way more often than good ones. Most people who say bad things abt my voice sounds just as bad or even worst,though. If you dislike my vocals,proof you can sing better than me.
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