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Me singing Tomorrow by Europe!

Me singing Tomorrow by Europe! If this mic is too loud I can turn in down, but this cad u37 is a loud mic anyway, even on the low setting.


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  • It sounds like the vocal on the backing tracks is maybe distracting you. I notice that with your cover of "Zombie" too, and it also means it's hard to really hear your voice due to the other vocal clashing with it so it's difficult to offer much in the way of constructive criticism.

    From what I can hear, it sounds like your pitching could do with some work but I suspect that the backing track is probably throwing you too. Sometimes trying to sing along with an existing vocal makes it more difficult; it's a good way to practice, i.e. just singing along, but recording yourself over the original track doesn't really allow you an opportunity to assess your voice or see how you're progressing. Also, you sound a bit nasal but I believe Ken's got some stuff on avoiding that so it's maybe worth focusing on that side of your practice too.

    I spent ages trying to find good instrumental backing tracks to sing over 'cause a lot of them are really bad karaoke versions that sound awful. You've got me on Facebook anyhow so drop me a message and let me know what you're looking to cover. I can probably find a half decent instrumental version, sometimes even the original tracks with the vocals removed that would probably help you more and let you properly hear yourself played back. If you're uploading them to YouTube, you might have some problems with copyrighted material but, as far as I know, it's still ok to use them since it's only for educational purposes. I've used a lot of copyrighted instrumentals on my stuff but the worst that's happened is that the videos are blocked in some European countries.
  • Here's a link to a decent instrumental version of "Tomorrow" by Europe that might be worth trying:
  • I my ex boyfriend is a pro at recording and he said the same thing to me at the time.
    We are not together, but when he used to record me, he would prefer it be karaoke and he had me on very expensive, 3,000 gold mics. And he knew how to use pro tools. Which dude made a lot of difference.

    I also do not know how to record well and that to also makes a huge difference. Thanks for finding me another sample track of the song. I will record, but let me know if the mic is too loud. This cad u37 is a very loud mic. I have problems getting my voice not to be over loud, or sometimes, the song seems to low played back.

    I am getting Ken's full singing course so I am sure there are tips on how to record. I know Ken has tips on how to record on you tube as well.

    Yes, I am still working on my pitch. So you hear correct on that. I have been told by family and friends that I sound nasal, that to is correct. There is plenty for me to work on.

    Also on you tube most stuff I can put up, but there have been a few songs that have been blocked world wide. But most cover songs I can use. I also try to find the org artist on you tube, with the check by their name, that is how I know they are verified by face book. I than post my song, so they know I used it to sing to.

    Thanks for your help.
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