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I am going to buy the full pro singing course tomorrow. I have a few questions.

donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
I am going to buy Ken's full pro singing course tomorrow.
What disk should I start with? I mean since I seem to have so many singing issues.
I was told I need more support, and that I have problems hitting the high notes.
I have way too much vibrato and it makes me flat and sharp, and that I sound some what nasal.
I been singing for years, but I guess I have a lot to work on. My voice also cracks a lot.

Also how long is the download? I have a fast pc, but will it take all day to download the files?
Just getting ready for tomorrow, thanks.


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  • Awesome investment!
    You start with Phase 1, and really take your time with it and milk it for all it is worth. Do it for a minimum 3 months... after that you can graduate to phase 2 if you feel you're ready. You can also post demos here to confirm you are ready for phase 2.
    The full course download is split up into 3 or 4 chunks of 1.5Gb to 2 Gb a piece. It has less to do with fast computer speed and more to do with your ISP download speed. Count on around 15-30 minutes per chunk.
    Each one will be zipped (compressed) so you'll need to unzip them.
    Watch the videos first, then when you are getting what Ken's laying down, go over to the audio Workout content. This is where you do the actual training. Be sure to revisit the videos allot in between practices.
    Make sure you practice at a time that you would typically perform, as the muscle memory likes that kind of consistency.
    Lastly, make sure that you record yourself doing the exercises after about a week so you have a starting baseline to compare with down the line.

    Its allot of work, but you're going to love what it does in a relatively short time!
  • Windows 7 and above have a built-in zip/unzip application.
    (Try right-clicking on the zipped file and selecting "Extract All")
    If for whatever reason that isn't functioning, you can download WinRAR for free, and you can use that. It will say its going to expire, but it doesn't LOL.
    Best of luck, and let us know how you get on!
  • I did download win zip again, looks like I have a small trial period, cool!
  • Wow cool, I get guitar lessons to and singing lessons, wow cool. Now I need to buy a guitar. lol
  • Guitar is another place of wonder that you'll love... just remember, you're only competition is yourself. Take your time with it and really try to absorb what's being taught. You don't need a X-thousand dollar instrument, you just need a half decent one set up correctly. Trust me, It's very much worth the $50-$100 for a pro setup by a decent luthier... your hands will thank you for it.
  • Furious_Phil, thank you, will do. I could see it taking me at least 3 months, or longer, Yes, I will post demos, from time to time, see how I am improving, or if I need to work on something.
    As far as unzip. I do not have a program that does. I used to have a program that unzipped, but now they want me to pay for it.
    I usually go into the folder like the last time, to pull out the videos for the WW course. because zip would not work.
    Do you know of a free place to unzip files? Thanks. Yes, i will record myself. I usually do. Thanks for getting back to me, awesome.
  • Well I bought the singing program. I can winzip the files. So everything is working, now just waiting on the update status to have full access to the message board, yes I did send my receit to along with user name..See ya on the other side. I mean other side of the forum for pros!
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
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    I was going to buy a guitar that is supposed to be easy to play, says play in one day. lol. I seen on TV, but really when I talked to the dude that invented Chord-Buddy he said you could play simple songs in one day, with his easy chord invention, which attaches to the guitar strings. Is used with the basic chords, for a lot of songs and comes with color coded song books. Yes, after a few months I could be playing more advanced songs. Travis Perry invited the Chord Buddy.

    Also I could buy their guitar, which looks to be very nicely made. I think with the guitar and color coded song books, and the Chord Buddy that fits on the neck and strings of the guitar, and than watching Ken play guitar in his Sing Better than Anyone Else Course, which I know are two different things. Ken also shows different chords and how to strum. Well I just might be able to play guitar without ever having to take guitar lessons. With The Chord-Buddy, the guy also shows how to do different types of strumming, along with the color coded buttons to push on the chords. Also the song books are color coded to match the buttons that are pushed on the guitar, which make different chords.. I could be playing Mary had a little lamb the first day, or any simple song. Seems cool, hope it works. lol. But still comes with very nice guitar.
  • I don't want to spoil the fun, but you won't be able to play songs on guitar in one day without any prior experience. You need to build a lot of muscle memory and strength first. This comes slowly, but you can fairly quickly learn how to do all the open chords. Of course, I can only encourage you to start! Choose a method that works for you, and learn the theory of music along the way.

    Good luck Donna!
  • Yes... there are no shortcuts in either voice or guitars. There is only dedication and focus.
    Most flash in the pan items that promise you the moon in the first month are usually pie-in-the-sky money grabs. Ken mentions time and time again about the "if it's too good to be true" adage, and its really true. I have been playing since I was 11, so I can actually speak to this.
    For example, my boys play my guitars on occasion, and they are really hot guitars, but they have no major drive to really go for it.
    You need to have a deep seated desire to keep the drive-alive.
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