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Can singing sitting down cause a person to lose weight?

donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
Can singing, sitting down, cause a person to lose weight? Because I was 110 pounds, which is skinny for me. I been eating like I have before, but now I am down to 106-107, my weight varies. I been eating more, and still I can't get back up to 110 lbs. I stopped exercising, thinking that might be it, but I still can't seem to gain the weight.


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  • bentkbentk Posts: 294Pro
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    Exercise is always good for you, running, bodyweight exercises etc. Especially when done safely and regularly. However, you have to keep to your diet also. You even need a little extra food when you work out regularly (the amount depends on your goal). Only when you are trying to shed weight you can eat a little less (cutting down calories), but not too much. Replenishing your body with some complex carbs and protein is always good after a workout. Healthy food is always the way to go.

    I think singing should have a minimal effect on your weight, but if you are scared of losing weight because of this, you could eat a little extra. An extra slice of bread, some extra vegetables or meat etc.
    If it is true that you use 90 calories only because of the singing per hour, than you can easily compensate this if you wish.

    I hope this makes some sense for you. I can't advise anything of this to you, because i am not your doctor.


  • From what I was reading, a person can lose weight singing. Although I do not need to lose weight. I am thin. I found this info on line.

    Singing is not an exemption. You can lose up to 90 calories per hour of singing. If you use ShepeSense calorie calculator, you will learn that singing in both standing and sitting positions have different results. An article in shows that a 35 year-old woman burns about 90 calories per hour when singing sitting down and 121 calories when standing. If she sings with body movement, she burns about 310 calories.

    In general, most people believes that a minute of singing session can burn up to 4 calories. If you conjunct some movement, like singing in a choir for example, you can burn up to 6 calories per minute. So the more you sing, the more you lose calories.

    To further increase your chance of weight loss, you have to combine basic dancing and singing. Different dance routines can make you slim so if you can conjunct singing into it, then you have bigger chance of losing weight. Just take Beyonce or Michael Jackson as an inspiration.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,887Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
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