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How do you like my Cheap Auto Tune called Gsnap? (ME Singing Wind of change)!

I just want to know if I sound in tune now? I am checking to see how well this cheap Auto tune called Gsnap works with Audacity. I looked at the controls to see where to place all the knobs, but it also has a feature for different keys, and also to auto tune midi, or singing. This is a free Auto tune, so that will tell ya something. lol.
Singing Wind of Change by (SCORPIONS) Is this how I am supposed to sound?


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,879Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    This is really hard to hear what's going on. I hope you aren't going to start relying on autotune. That's not really going to help you learn to sing. It's also not going to help us to help you to sort out what you need to do with your voice.

    How are you coming along on that organic, basic Lah?
  • I agree with Bob, Tina! You're definitely coming along and holding your pitch much better, so stick at it and utilise the natural quality of your voice rather than trying to get the same sound as the singer whose songs you're doing.

    As for the GSnap: That's actually a really good, powerful freeware version of Auto-Tune, but you're using it wrongly and have it set to a default preset which is why you sound so wobbly and computerized. As Bob says, stick with Tinatune; Auto-Tune is a useful tool and can be applied transparently, but as a singer it can make you lazy with your pitching and you can come to depend on it rather than properly focusing on developing your ability to stay in tune. Also, you're running the backing track through the same software, so it'll just amplify your errors rather than correcting them due to the conflicting signals. Auto-Tune and similar software need a single, usually mono signal to work properly otherwise it just sounds horrible.

    Don't knock freeware, some of the biggest producers in the world use freeware so don't think you need to spend a lot of money to get a good, basic recording. I use loads of freeware, especially a compressor called "Blockfish" which sounds great on vocals and drums; a great wee limiter from the same company who make GSnap called GClip; Voxengo SPAN which is a great frequency analyzer, and lots of others.

    If you're getting into recording and effects, I can send you some links to some really good free software that'll let you get started.
  • Although I do notice lot of bass, and some muffle, for some reason, Dont know why that is. Than again its cheap auto tune, and I might be doing something else wrong.
  • I was just playing with auto tune. And besides this auto tune is too cheap for me to really use, just play with. I am working on the LAH and the exercises you told me to work on. The Lah is getting better, still working on it, and my head and chest voice, as well and the ghosting exercises. I can put up the LAh for you next and without auto tune, although it would put my LAH in tune. lol..But I will do the LAH without the auto correction.
  • Ok here is my Lah, without auto tune. I been practicing, though I know is going to take some time.
  • The sound you hear is me breathing. lol
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
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    I like to take a few times. Does this sound better or worse, yea I am done for now, just wanted to see if I sounded better the 2nd time around, or not?
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,879Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hi, Tina.

    I'm so glad you aren't going to keep using that autotune. We want you to learn to use Tinatune.

    Your second try was better than the first. You're doing better at calming down your vibrato, and that is helping. On the first try, you were kind of lost on your pitch until about 0:40. Then you're much better until about 1:28, where you kind of lose it again. But that middle part was your best, so good for you in that part. That means you're making progress.

    The high parts of the scale are still a reach for you, but give it time. You're just getting started. Your voice will have to grow, just like when you were a kid and couldn't wait to grow up! It will come.

    Are you using the Weekend Warrior scales? Those are a little slower, and you're having some troubles keeping up. Maybe you should Play the scale, then stop the playback and do that scale at your own speed, using Sing and See to help you land on each note, one at a time, and watching to see when you are on or off-pitch. I want you to be able to not have to rush through scales before you find the notes. Some notes might be out of reach for now, but that's OK. Get the ones you can get for now, and the rest will come when they're ready. Let's concentrate on what we can get right, one thing at a time, and add on to that.

    You're making progress. Good for you.

    Keep practicing, and don't strain. Work on one or two small improvements each day, and they will add up. Do more of what you do best, and see what you can do to improve the things that need more work. Little-by-little is how we get there.
  • Tommy yes, if you can send me free wear or post a link I will check it out. For recording and Effects, that would be awesome, thanks!
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