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Wow! I'm Impressed. Thank you! Getting compliments so soon. This is great.

donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
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"How To sing Better Than Anyone Else." Is working for me. My ex who professionally records and sings himself, just said, that I sound better. He asked If was taking lessons. This guy is not one to just to throw out compliments. He said it sounded like I was more in pitch and that I sound better. I was thinking, like wow, after a few days of Ken's singing course and people notice. Now I am impressed. It is hard to get him to say he likes my singing. So I know I must be improving.


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,887Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Give it some more time, and you will get more of the same. You're just getting started, even though you and I both know it's a long road. But hey, after a few years at this, you can look back and go "WHOAH!!! ALRIGHTA!!!"

    I'm well-into my KTVA journey, and I thank God I found Ken's videos on a random internet search. I know there are critics, skeptics, and haters that I could never please or convince of that, but my voice is better than I ever believed it could be. You won't be buying any records of me, but I couldn't be more pleased with how my voice has grown with Ken's methods. I had already spent years getting nowhere on some of the same courses you wasted time on.

    You'll look back on this time as the time when you first started getting somewhere with your voice. And if you stick with it, you'll see that, although you will hit plateaus and valleys, you will keep growing and improving, the longer you persevere and follow Ken's instructions.

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