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Back in action in Oregon

TonyRustTonyRust Posts: 4Pro, 2.0 PRO
Started a new endeavor this year moving sideways from doing theatre into more focus on music with a new company called FAB Performances here in Eugene, Oregon. Part of what we do is recreate classic albums in live concerts with guns called Favorite Album Band and my chops are rusty, hence joining in with Ken's course. I was a vocal major way back in the late 70's so I have a solid base to (re)build on, but after throat cancer 4 years ago, I find I've lost some range and need to reconnect my high voice, and I wanted to get it all working together. I'm singing lead on our next concert in March (doing the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers) and though it fits well in my wheelhouse, I got a few places I'm focusing on to get more strength and ease with a few of the songs. I'm challenging myself to fix a couple of those little hiccups (the flip across my break into the high notes on Moonlight Mile is what sent me here) and then I want to really focus on building in my Don Henley and Roger Daltry again, refinding, rebuilding and refining those notes that I used to have while taking time to rebuild my voice with more strength.


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