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Buying the ProBundle...a quick question before I invest...

Evenin' folks,

After far too long being unemployed, I'm finally now in a position to get the "ProBundle + Weekend Warrior" courses!! Unfortunately the Gold Bundle would require a few more months of saving and I'm desperate to get started, which brings me to my question:

[EDIT: Answered it myself already, sorry about that!}

Given how much I've learned from Ken's free material alone, I feel indebted to the guy and so I look at buying the course as both a personal investment and an investment in KTVA as something I wholeheartedly believe in. When you consider the amount of material you're getting and the quality of the content, it makes a seemingly high price tag shrink into something very reasonable indeed.

I should probably be buying the DVD versions by Friday of this week at the latest, but I'm sure I'll be on here like a shot and trying to register for full access! Hahaha!

Thanks for your help!

- Tommy (IdentMusic)


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