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Me singing along with my guitar (This is funny). I can hear my tone deafness now.

donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
Me singing along with my guitar (This is very funny). I can hear my tone deafness now.
I just started playing guitar a few days ago, but I been singing most my life, but no one could tell.
This is funny and this is why I share, but if anyone has helpful tips how to hit the notes I missed, please help.
I am putting this on you tube. Ya know this is a classic. It is a must hear. just saying if you really like a great laugh.


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,676Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    It's interesting that in your singing portion you don't go up to the G3 in the " On Top Of Spaghetti" song. Instead, on the "ghet" part, which is a G3, you go down to a lower note, because you don't know what to do. You're kind of "clamping down" on your throat instead of opening it up like Ken shows when he demonstrates "It's the Lah!!! AHH!!"

    When you are speaking, I hear your voice go up to a C4, which is substantially above a G3. So you are perfectly capable of making a G3 with your voice. You just haven't quite got things figured out, yet. I think you probably have a lot more than a C4 that you could do if you just start working with your voice and opening up your throat. Yes, there is more to it than that, but I think there's a singer inside of you that is just wanting you to let her out so she can sing some of those notes she knows.

    If you still have sing and see, turn it on and go to that high note in "On top of spa-GHET- ee", and do it on a G3. I know you can do it. Practice it a little bit. Open up the back of your throat. Sing it with the same ease you speak in. Don't clamp your throat shut. Let the note come out.

    I think the guitar is a good tool for you. You are matching the main chords that you are playing. Just not getting up to the G on Ghet. Do work with the tuner. The guitar is just a little bit out of tune. Get it as close as you can with the tuner before recording.
  • donnabrightdonnabright Posts: 104Pro
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    I do not have the sing and see anymore, because I spent lots of money on guitar and recording gear, and stuff. I like to get sing and see back, when I have the money. The trial ran out. Which sucks. But I will get back when I have the cash.

    Also, the guitar is tuned, but the Chord buddy which is on the guitar, needs to be working. I check that guitar a lot, and it seems to go out of tune real easy for some reason. Even without the Chord buddy. I do not know why the guitar goes out of tune so fast. Unless, I have a weird tuner, or doing something wrong, not sure what it is.

    Also I am not used to singing with straight up guitar, and so yea, I do agree I am trying to get the feel of it, it is like singing without mic feed back and echo.

    If I sing without a mic I will sound different. I need my mic to sound good like I normally do, or I will be off, or way out of tune, without the mic.

    Also when I was recording the guitar I had one ear bud in the guitar for like a mic, and one ear bud in my ear, that could of threw me off, some. However, I can't just turn up my speakers, or the mic feeds back with a deafing sound, other wise.

    Yea know maybe I should sing the Lah on these songs for now, and see what you think. Then maybe add in the words later.

    Thanks for all your feed back and help. :smile:
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