Hey Dudes and Divas!

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Hi from Brisbane

Hey, I wrote a long intro post but maybe it had too many links or something as it's been "disappeared". I promise I'm not a bot :)

So I'm James, amateur musician in an objectively terrible garageband with some mates. I have about 30 years of rhythm guitar, 3-4 years of piano accompaniment (all self-taught) plus smatterings of harmonica, bagpipes and 45ish years of singing in the shower and just about everywhere else.

Influences: DMB, Ben Harper, '70s/'80s rock etc. Anything goes really except hardcore metal/thrash, manufactured pop and the countriest of country. And I can't rap but I'd like to.

Here's one of my home recordings if you're interested. I'll put more on here as I do them.



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