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New to the program

Hi. I am a 30-odd male tenor who has been singing for about 6 months.

My motivation for singing is pretty personal. My father passed away late last year in his mid 50s due to prostate cancer, and he was a musician. He was lead guitar and lead vocalist for several bands, and it is how he paid the bills. His lifestyle was not conducive to family life, and I resented him for that. I suppressed anything in myself which reminded me of him, pursued hobbies and a profession centered on logic rather than emotion or expression, etc.

The truth is that I owe a great deal of my success to traits inherited from my father. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I have a certain intuitive spark that most of my highly logical colleagues seem to lack. I tend to seek completeness, harmony, balance, and beauty in work that--for many--is strictly technical in nature, and it has earned me praise and recognition in a field dominated by standards, best practices, and conformity. In a way, it is like I am looking for music in the logic and poetry in the design. I owe that to my father.

After he passed, my grievances felt petty. With a direct reconciliation no longer possible, I decided the next best thing would be to embrace those parts of myself I had always turned away from. Sort of a way to let my father in, accept him, and even honor him in ways I never did while he was alive. He always told me he did not feel worthy of being my father, and I want to posthumously refute that. Finding balance in myself is a nice bonus. So I started singing, and I have been singing 5-7 days a week ever since. I did not expect to enjoy it so much!

I have a hell of a lot to learn and a lot of emotional hangups that will get in the way of progress, and I am willing to work through them. Anyway, that's my story.


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