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Original Song: Fixed (Stripped Version)

Hey hey,

I wasn't sure about posting this as my emotions got in the way of technique a few times during the recording, but on listening back I think it's a fairly good, steady and controlled vocal so I wanted to see what you guys think. It's an original song that I wrote after a close friend of mine died a few years ago so I stripped it back to just a double-tracked and panned guitar and a bare, solo vocal with just a bit of reverb, compression and EQ to balance the mix a bit. As with the "Toy Soldiers" cover, my mic was really noisy so excuse the constant hiss over the high-end of the mix.

Songwriting-wise, what do you make of this one? I haven't posted any of my original stuff on here before but I'm starting to do a lot more writing again now that KTVA has given me a whole new set of vocal tools to experiment with.


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,079Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Good job of taking a piece of your heart out and crying it as a song. That's not the easiest thing to do. It's an intriguing melody and story. Sad. Compelling.
  • TommyMTommyM Posts: 82Pro
    Thanks Bob, I'm so glad that the emotion came across ok and that it didn't sound like some big melodramatic thing. Melody-wise, I tend to use a lot of weird, floaty chord voicings so my melodies usually drift around the same sort of space so I'm really pleased that it stood out on this one.
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