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The morning "Gravelly Voice" syndrome

Do any of you ever get this?

At Ken's suggestion, I typically start my vocal training around 7:00 - 8:00pm, as that is when I tend to play with my band.
However, what I've been noticing allot lately, is that in the early morning, my base voice pitch is allot lower than in the early evening.
I also notice a fair amount of phlegm that I have to sing off... as it creates this "Perma-rasp", (Not unlike Eric Martin's from Mr. Big) Which in itself would be cool, but it isn't all that controllable especially when I reach up for the higher registers.
Interestingly enough, this never happens from the mid-afternoon onwards.

At this point, I just accept it as a funny thing that simply is what it is...
I just don't sing anything challenging till after 3:00Pm LOL

Have any of you experienced anything similar?


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