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Afra from Belgium

I want to introduce myself to this group. I am a new student, I have downloaded the course yesterday.
I love music, I listen a lot to different styles of music. Mosty of all to pop-rock and hard-rock, but I love different styles.

I did not sing until two years ago, so everything here is new for me. In a meditation group, they asked me to sing the vowel sounds during ceremonies, I was afraid but I did the job during two years, twice a month. In the first year, I started to try to sing do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do and I did not become higher then sol. But some of the vowel sounds were higher so I practice a lot. During that year I met also a guitarist who ask me to play sometimes with him, I am not a musician but I play Hapi-drum as a hobby and he liked it, he is a heavy metal guitarist practicing sound scapes and want to learn to play other styles also, I did not saw the combination but it works out pretty good. Twice a year we play together(improvisation), a keyboard player is joining us now. This has brought my musical interest back up.

I just want to learn how to use my voice so that I can sing at home and maybe for friends or little events or improvisation with the group.



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