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Beatles cover for review

Hi everybody,

here there is a cover of Come together I recorded this morning after 1 hour and half on VOL. 3
Please leave your feedback, I would really appreciate it


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,491Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    HI, Claudio.

    Try to sing with more contiguous sound. So don't break it up into such little chunks. Got-to-be-a-jo-ker-he-just-do-as-he-please. It's ok to accent the syllables, but try to make it into one long note, with reduced consonants. It sounds like this is just about at the top of your range, and a little bit flat sometimes. If you use more support it may help you to hold and sustain those high notes more consistently.
  • Claude77Claude77 Posts: 157Pro, 2.0 PRO
    edited October 2017
    Thanks Bob as always for being here and give us feedbacks so quickly.
    I will work on support as you mentioned.
    This song is really syncopated and it's not easy to find place to get a big breath.
    I am sure that taking better support will help a lot.
    Singing this song form me now is really easy. I do not feel any fatigue or I do not need to force to get those higher notes.
    I remember that when I started KTVA singing this song was really hard and I felt being on top of may range.
    Now I sing this song easily and I enjoy it a lot!
    So, another confirm about how this course really works.

    Thank again.
  • SerfanoSerfano Posts: 7Member
    It's not easy to sing, Claude! Pay attention to the pitch and the song rhythm. Good Job, man!
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