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Long I as in "Night" "I" "Side"

Ariana Grande's song "Side to Side".
Mainly referring to the male Cover versions where they change the lyrics.
My "I" sound seems covered.
That is the only sound that I am having difficulty getting a good resonance that carries.
I can get the word "night" to resonate effortlessly. However singing the "I" with note delineation in "and I got you walk side to side" sounds dark.


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,500Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    "I" is a diphthong. It's not one sound, it's two.
    Ah-EE. That's how you sing "I" Sustain the AH, then close on the EE. If the note is high enough, you may have to do an AH vowel modification.
  • DozerDozer Posts: 5Member
    edited November 2017
    Thanks a lot! I recently learned three things.

    How important incorporating mask is, once I figured out the placement. It adds effortless tone. I was doing the NG sound then held my nose together and realized all the sound was through my nose. I then learned to mix that with sound resonating and placement in the mouth.

    I learned mixed voice type coordination by practicing Alicia Keys song No One, but at low volume, then added resonance and volume once I found and learned the coordination. Also the song Dead or Alive by Bob Jovi, really reinforced open throat technique.

    I went back to some SLS training stuff I had, and realized that SLS is not optimal for learning. It seems to constrict. Now that I know the sensations, I see and feel what the exercises are doing. However I add release to the consonants in the exercises.

    I used to hate my tone. My brother had the Ken Tamplin set, and I started doing the exercises while driving to college (30miles). Slowly I learned you can actually grow the voice. I don't even know if I would call it growing...but my tone has changed over time.

    I am 37 and listen to mainly R&B. I grew up listening and singing along with rock and country, then R&B. I have an accent everywhere I go because I lived in Texas, Mississippi and now Michigan. I have a small head, fat tounge, and small mouth. I was beginning to think it would be impossible to make great pleasing resonance.

    I used to do competitive acting in drama in high school. I could sing theatrical very well. I just didn't have a commercial type sound.

    I also could not do note delineate my notes. It was a mystery to me and quite frustrating.

    After about a 3 months of doing the warm-up audio from Ken's course, I began to develop and understand note delineation coordination. I am still working to get better at runs/riffs.

    Anyway, it's been awesome, long road. Well worth it. Still learning.

    I still need to get Volume 3.

    I have been listening to covers by William Singe and others, practicing those. I love his resonance. I also learned by practicing his song style, how to use mask with head voice and throw in some mix to do William's head voice sounds.

    Anyway, I will go back to Ken's videos and work on the "I" resonance placement. It all clicked when I read your response and made the sounds.
    Again thanks.
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