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MEGASTAR( (Usher Raymond) - KTVA team, do I have your vote?

tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Posts: 178Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
Hey fellow singers of KTVA,

Do you have a mobile device or tablet?

As you may or may not be aware, I have entered a worldwide competition called Megastar, which has been created and hosted by Usher Raymond. For those that may not be aware, the grand finalists get flown to America and the winner will receive a grand prize of 1 Million US dollars.

Over the course of this competition I have been lucky enough to be a part of the finals thanks to the immense support of KTVA and my fellow supporters across my social networks. The competition is based on audience vote and judges review.

I am reaching out to all fellow singers asking that if you have a spare moment it would be greatly appreciated if you could please vote for my submission and perhaps share the link with your family and friends. For someone who has yet traveled overseas, that experience alone would be incredible. Any musician knows that support from locals, other singers, musicians and music lovers is important in this world surrounded by what I like to call the middle man (record labels, agents, managers etc). I have decided to go straight to the people by simply asking.

If you would like to show some support for your fellow moderator and KTVA member, all you need to do is :smile:
1. Download the app "Megastar" on your mobile device or tablet
2. Sign up with your email or Facebook account
3. Search "MysT" in search bar
4. Click on my submission video "How Long Restyle in Boogie"
5. Click vote.

There are currently 24 hours left till Round 1 of Finals Closes and the top 250 will progress into Round.

If the votes and support take me into Finals Round 3, I will be competing in the grand final for the grand prize. Your support would be greatly appreciated and assist in getting that step closer to the grand finale. All those that vote can vote everyday up until the Grand Final.

If you have any trouble or questions please let me know and ill help you out where I can.

In order for the below link to function, you must access it on your mobile device or tablet.

Rise above and love,


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