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Judas Priest cover

My band just recorded a cover song. How do we sound?

PS i am the singer


  • stratmanstratman Posts: 364Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @Simpan27 could you record a simple Lah? It will be a lot easier for the forum to give you feedback that’s useful for voice improvement. The band sounds very polished but I feel you need to develop your voice more e.g. your vibrato is quite wide and you are straining into the high notes. You mentioned on a previous post that you’re a baritone and you can’t sing in chest that high without pushing. Ken is a baritone too and he teaches how to grow the voice so that we can take chest voice up high without it sounding strained. Be aware that this is not something you can develop overnight, you literally have to grow your voice musculature over time. Ken’s program has helped many of us do that. I’ve grown from a yodel at D4 to a very convincing C5 (on a good day).

    Think about posting a recording of a Lah exercise on the forum as your starting point and develop from there. Maybe post fewer songs ... post when you feel you’ve made progress or when you have specific questions about improving technique.
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