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A question about the new KTVA 2.0's advertising

Hello Ken!

I am both happy and excited for some new content to rock my voice with and i love the general design of the 2.0 course layout. However, there is one thing that bothered me abit. As far as i know, Freddie mercury did not take any form of vocal lessons like the page sugests, Or have i missed something? Now, i want to clarify that i am not intending to start a huge debate, Im more curious to if i have missed something in my countless of hours listening to interviews with queen and reading about him.

Keep on rocking



  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 365Moderator, Pro

    We all know and agree that Freddie was born and raised in Zanzibar; but that's where things start getting fuzzy... there are always claims that people are prodigies and untrained...
    Take for instance that Freddie was a classically trained pianist, so it isn't that far a reach that he was trained on vocals as well.

    One piece of possible evidence came when I was touring West Germany, I came upon a record of him and soprano Montserrat Caballé... One does not simply "do" an opera record and live performance without proper training in that method. You'd get rotten-fruited off the stage (or worse), especially in the old world. They are as loyal to that as they are to soccer. :wink:

    Another lies in the unheard of vocal harmony/layering structures that he composed. This was well before the machines that can do all the hard work for us. That was not just something he "put together", as I can tell you that his compositions are very well structured and mathematically correct theory-wise. The untrained always make a myriad of mistakes when cobbling together harmonies.

    I could go on, but there's no point, as we'll never know for certain... but suffice it to say that the mythology we create for ourselves rarely fully matches the reality that lies behind that curtain.


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