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my cover of Show me how to live by audioslave

I wasn't sure of the lyrics but I think I did the chorus ok I knew it


  • vedeviatorsumvedeviatorsum Posts: 12Pro, 2.0 PRO
    edited December 2017

    Just watched your Youtube Video Cover thanks for putting the link out.

    Sorry, I can't really tell you much of anything because of the audio quality of your video I watched the official video for that song right after yours and I could hear some similarities but your audio was bad enough that I couldn't even tell if you were singing the cover "Clean" or with an FX Box. It might just be my ear though...

    Michael Kelly

    P.S. From what I could hear of your voice I'd love to hear you try something by Lzzy Hale of HaleStorm
  • vedeviatorsumvedeviatorsum Posts: 12Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @ashfittis just search youtube for "Halestorm Karaoke with lyrics" find the right versions for you (backingtrack, with vocals, official video, etc) and use free software like "YTD Video Downloader" to save them onto your computer and convert them for whatever device you use.

    I usually meed at least the instrumental as a reference to track the key changes. I can't afford a good headset to listen to the guide track of the original, so I use earbuds either coming out of the TV, Amp, Mixer or Vocal FX box (problem is the cord is too short).

    The advantage of using the instrumental version is (especially if you have the sheet music for the vocals (you can often find them to download free on the net) is that almost no (not even 1950's Elvis Presley) one sings clean (without vocal effects) so you can get distracted trying to reproduce the effects the singer is using.

    I've been thinking of doing a cover if "Blue on Black" mostly because I love playing it on Bass but also because I feel like I can handle the vocals (my vocal range is about the same as my Bass (E2-G3) right now....
  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 328Pro
    edited December 2017
    Hey. So. You have a pretty cool voice and some talent. Smule and its features are great and I've played with it, but remember that barebones recordings of your voice are usually the most honest and quickest way to improve. When learning songs, keep a close ear on your pitch and tempo. If you can't quite get the pitch at first, try getting a feel for the timing first so you know where to sing. Keep it up!
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