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I am a terrible singer

please help me I cant afford the ken tamplin lessons and ive been doing singing scales and breathing exercises and practising and I still suck I cant yell or whatever you call it


  • ashfittisashfittis Posts: 164Member
    also can I just say I have a singing but hes undermining my love for heavy metal and getting me to say basic songs that don't involve yelling or screaming singing I told him I want a raspy rock voice and he said just work with what you got
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 13,556Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Just singing songs and then saying "tell me how to fix it" isn't what will help you to become a better singer. You need to work on building the foundation of your voice and using good technique. Adding screaming or distortion comes AFTER learning to use your voice properly. Otherwise you may hurt your voice. Learning to sing is like learning to play an athletic sport. There are rules and boundaries. Within those safe guidlines is a voice that can be improved a lot. You take it one step at a time, and get each step right, before proceeding to the next.

    The way to improve your voice and your breath is through properly practicing scales and building stamina and range, as well as staying on-pitch. You need to settle-in for the long haul, if you want to improve your voice. This doesn't happen instantaneously. The improvements come one at a time, and in direct proportion to the careful effort and practice you put in.

    If you want to sing heavy metal, you need to build a safe, strong foundation for that. You first learn to sing cleanly and solidly without distortion and grit. Only after establishing proper voice techniques do you venture into stronger stuff.
  • ashfittisashfittis Posts: 164Member
    ok that's fair enugh
  • ashfittisashfittis Posts: 164Member
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